So you’ve reached a crucial junction in your life, you want to turn around your poor eating habits and get into shape. Maybe you’ve had enough of reminiscing about those clothes that you could fit into when you were a teenager or perhaps the strain of getting up and down stairs has become to much. Whatever the reason is, congratulations you are now on the first rung of making a positive change in your life.

Below we’ve listed the options you have:

DVD Fitness Programs

There are many for you to choose from, their biggest advantage is that you get all of the enthusiasm and support you need from a personal trainer in the comfort of your living room. Not only that but you can choose a program that fits your interests, whether that’s a passion for salsa dancing or a love of martial arts there will be a program that fits the bill.

Online Fitness Plans

A step on from a DVD fitness program, online fitness plans give you all the interactive feedback you need from a qualified personal trainer.

Games console fitness programs

If you love technology this may be the best option for you. Modern day games consoles provide a fun and convenient way to get in shape. Playstation, x-box and Wii not only haves games specifically designed for you to get fit. The benefit of this over a DVD fitness program is that the games console will provide a more interactive experience that is more likely to keep you engaged, meaning that you will be more likely to lose stick to the program and lose weight. A huge benefit is that your progress will be measured and recorded meaning that you will accurately be able to track how much you’ve improved.

Home fitness equipment

If you have the space at home then buying a piece of fitness equipment may be the best route forward for you. Once upon a time this route would have been a prohibitively expensive, these days prices for home fitness equipment have come down considerably. The only real drawback is that home fitness equipment takes up space, which is obviously only a problem if you have little to spare. One huge benefit of home fitness equipment like treadmills or cycling machines is that you can simply just climb on and begin exercising, perhaps whilst watching a film or you’re favorite soap. Mixing in fitness with your normal home activities means that there’s a lot more chance that you will continue exercising and achieve your goals.

Diet plans

If you’ve never been a fan of exercise or health problems rules the option out then you can fall back on good old diets (Take note maintaining a healthy diet whilst exercising is the easiest way to get in to shape and achieve your goals quickly). With so many diets to choose from the big question is where do you start. The answer is simple, take a look through the available plans and pick the one that seems easiest, pick one that you can imagine you’re self sticking to. Below we’ve listed a few to start off your search:

Hit the steps

This option will work for everyone apart from those that live in ground floor flats. Think about it, they have step machines in the gym, it must be hard work. Try running up and down your steps for ten minutes straight each day. Trust us it will be much harder than you think.

Have more Sex

Did that put a smile on your face. Its been estimated that just 20 mins of heated sex can burn up to 200 calories. Without doubt sex is a great cardio workout. If a 20 minute session seems unrealistic at the moment then you have the perfect opportunity to get in some practice and try new things to it last longer.

Clean house or get gardening

Giving your house or your garden a thorough once over is a great way to burn some calories. Especially if you buy a pedometer you can keep track of the calories your burning and even set a target number of calories to burn throughout the day.

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