Feng Shui boomed in the 1990s and suddenly it was simply not the done thing to furnish a room without giving consideration as to whether you’d managed to position your sofa and television in such a way as to ensure the yin and yang balance was correct.

By no means a recent fad
A cynic might say that the popularity of feng shui was a fad that would pass and while it is true enough to say that there was a period when the craze was mentioned on every television show and home renovation programme, it doesn’t reflect the whole story. In the west feng shui has been followed by some for a relatively short time, while the practice has been in development in China for many thousands of years. Indeed it is often referred to as the ancient Chinese art of placement.

But what is feng shui?
The idea of feng shui is to create positive energy, and in a home environment that can be achieved through the use of good interior design. It is no great leap to accept the idea that the way rooms and spaces are organised and laid out can have an effect on our actions and our state of mind. It may be a little simplistic, but imagine placing a three-seater sofa lengthways bang in front of your lounge door – you simply wouldn’t do it as it would create a physical barrier preventing you from entering the room easily. Creating positive energy in this instance would involve moving the sofa to a position where it allowed energy to flow freely, creating a space where you feel comfortable, at peace and able to relax.

Room View






So why is it important?
Using terms such as energy or chi can turn some people off the idea of feng shui, but those willing to embrace the idea will find that it does not take much to alter the flow of energy in a home. Small adjustments here and there can make all the difference, ensuring you are happier and more comfortable occupying the space where you live. Some people comment that they feel immediately at ease and comfortable when walking into a home or a particular space – the chances are that the room will have a good flow of positive energy. Now imagine spending a good deal of your life in a property where you are not wholly comfortable! It can be hard to pin down exactly what good feng shui can deliver, suffice to say you’ll know when you’ve managed to get the alignment of your sofa right!

Where to start
Getting started with feng shui can be as simple as getting rid of the clutter in your bedroom, placing a mirror strategically in your hallway or fixing a wonky table leg. If you have a handle in the kitchen which comes off every time you open the cupboard then make sure you do something about it – loving your home and mending problems will make the space more homely. The same goes for everything from a leaky tap to a stiff lock. Creating positive energy in your home does not need to be difficult – so get started today!

This post was contributed by Rachel Moorfield, an architecture student and interior design fanatic who writes for several well respected blogs and websites including www.furnishinghomes.co.uk

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