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Canapes with cured ham on banquet table Advice, Career

If you plan to set up a catering company and you can produce great food you stand a good chance of heralding the beginnings of

Feng Shui Living Advice

Feng Shui boomed in the 1990s and suddenly it was simply not the done thing to furnish a room without giving consideration as to whether

Yoga Arm Stand Fitness, Slim Down

So you’ve reached a crucial junction in your life, you want to turn around your poor eating habits and get into shape. Maybe you’ve had

Gym No No Fitness

1. Forgetting that you have legs Go to any gym in your country the problem is rife. Top heavy guys tip swaggering around with humungous

Job Interview Tips and Advice Advice, Career

Most of you have probably heard of that old saying, 90% percent of communication is non verbal. So besides speech what more can you do

Super E Cig Health

Whilst trying to quit smoking you may or may not have heard of electronic cigarettes and the benefits e-cigs offer over traditional tobacco smoking. This

In the Mirror at work Advice, Career

Applying for a job can be a daunting task no matter what perspective you’re coming from. If you already have a job you need to

Alcohol calories image Health

We all like the odd drink every now and then, but how many calories are they secretly hiding. Have a look at the table below

Wrong way sign Fitness, Slim Down

So you’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn for a run, maybe you’ve even swapped the nightly visit to the fish and chip

Lego Contact Centre Workers Advice, Career

A report has revealed that call & contact centres account for over 1 million jobs in the United Kingdom, and that number is due to

Sit ups at home Fitness, Slim Down

Who has time for a full hour workout everyday? Who meets the national guideline of 150 minutes a week of exercise? I’m guessing the majority

Contents of a Womens Heavy Bag Health

Have you ever wondered how much of the stuff in your ‘bag’ (tote, shopper, satchel, baguette, bowling, messenger – you fill in the blank!) is

Vitamin D Sunshine Health

Vitamin D, or the sunshine vitamin as it is also known, is a vital nutrient with a huge influence on our bodies. It is essential

Vitamins in between fingers Health, Vitamins and Supplements

We have done our best to put together a comprehensive and straightforward guide to the most commonly used Vitamins and what they do for you. Google

How to Budget with a pen and a pad Money

Step 1 Work out your annual income.  If you’re on a fixed salary, you know how much you’re taking home each month.  If you are

Two Horse Riders Alternative to the Gym Fitness

I’m sure there are a large number of us out there who do not enjoy working out in the gym.  Whether you find it boring,

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